19 Computer Science Internships Still Open (April 2023)

Computer Science attendance at US universities has increased to almost 100,000 new students yearly! That means there is more competition for the limited amount of Software Engineering Internship positions. I have combined 25 Internships covering various fields and the benefits computer science students seek that are still available in April 2023.

Yes, massive layoffs are happening in the tech industry, and software engineers are happening all over. Don’t let that keep you from applying to internships and later jobs. Companies are still hiring! Just because some companies are struggling and aren’t turning a profit doesn’t mean all companies are. Also, there are growing companies with venture capitalists that will keep companies growing for multiple years.

In this article, I will give the top-paying software engineering internships, FAANG, Finance and Quant, Tech Start-Ups, and others currently available as of April 2023. I will review a brief company overview, hourly rate, location, and other perks and benefits.

During the Spring semester, Software Engineering internships for the summer are running low, but I have found 19 internships that you can apply for today!

Top Paying Internships for the Summer 2023

All the information is provided by Levels.fyi Internships page. Levels.fyi is a great website that provides company salary data from real software engineers and interns! Data is as of April 2023

1.) Vatic Investments – $150/hr

Vatic Investments is a trading firm in New York City that focuses on creating autonomous trading “agents” trained with machine learning and a trading strategy.  This position is only available to students who “earned or will earn a Master’s or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Physics, or related field.”

They recommend knowledge of Python and C++ and want the candidate to show experience with large data sets and experience using AI, deep learning, and machine learning models. This is a Quantitative developer role.

And yes, they pay $150/hr, free meals, and a gym membership. There is no mention of providing housing or relocation in the job posting.

You can find the link for the Vatic Investment Job Post here.

2.) Arrowstreet Capital – $144/hr + 10,000 Bonus

Arrowstreet Capital is a systematic investment firm in Boston that manages large portfolios and uses Software Engineers to process data for their traders (or to make automated trades, the job description is very general). They are hiring all students in undergraduate and graduate-related programs.

Arrowstreet wants you to know a staticistial programming language Like R, STATA, Python, or MATLAB. Knowledge of markets and statistics relating to the economy. This is also a Quantitative developer role.

With the $144/hr, Arrowstreet Capital also offers a $10,000 Signing bonus, free transportation, and free meals.

You can find the link for the Arrowstreet Capital Job Post here.

3.) Jump Trading – $138/hr + 15,000 Bonus

Jump Trading focuses on global financial market research and funding projects based on that research. They pride themselves on hiring mathematics, physics, and computer science experts. According to their website, Jump Trading hires “Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Physics, Operations Research, Neuroscience, Materials Science, and more.”

Jump Trading doesn’t have much listed on the job posting except for a passion for machine learning, math, and statistics. Jump Trading hires Undergraduate juniors and seniors as well as graduate candidates. This is also a Quantitative developer role.

Jump Trading is all over the world but this position is in Chicago. They provide corporate housing, relocation, transportation, and a $15,000 sign-on bonus for interns.

You can find the link for the Jump Trading Job Post here.

4.) Citadel – $120/hr + $10,000 Bonus

Citadel is a leader in alternative investment managers that requires software engineers to interface with the client and build complex models with big data. Citadel lists only computer science and STEM-related majors to apply for the position. The location for the job would be Chicago or New York City.

Citadel says that knowledge of Java, Python, and C++ is a must, and showing knowledge in translating mathematical models using these languages will show your value. Also, if you haven’t taken a probability course in college yet, make sure you mention that you have started self-studying. This is also a Quantitative developer role. Citadels hire Undergraduate juniors and seniors as well as graduate candidates.

Citadel provides corporate housing, relocation, and free meals on-site.

You can find the link for the Citadel Job Post here.

5.) Citadel Securities – $120/hr + $10,000 Bonus

Citadel Securities is a next-generation market maker. Citadel Securities lists only computer science and STEM-related majors to apply for the position. The location for the job would be Chicago or New York City.

Citadel Securities says that knowledge of Java, Python, and C++ is necessary, and knowledge of translating mathematical models using these languages will show your value. Also, if you haven’t taken a probability course in college yet, make sure you mention that you have started self-studying. This is also a Quantitative developer role. Citadels Securities hire Undergraduate juniors and seniors as well as graduate candidates.

Citadel Securities provides corporate housing, relocation, and free meals on-site.

You can find the link for the Citadel Securities Job Post here.

Top Paying Tech Company Internships

What is a tech company? I define it as a company that delivers software products to its consumers. Whether direct to the market or selling to businesses, these products must survive heavy loads and have the most up-to-date technology.

Interns working for these companies would be located in Silicon Valley and Seattle, where other like-minded individuals are. This makes networking the most prevalent than any other area for Software Engineers. These companies are where you have the traditional Software Engineers compared to the positions above.

6.) Tesla – Up to $46/hr

One might say that Tesla isn’t considered a tech company since they make physical products (Tesla Electric cars). I would like to say that Tesla is a data company first. Tesla is a leader in self-driving AI and Deep Learning models. It needs computer science majors for all the areas of the car including diagnostics, which is what this internship is about.

The internship is located in Palo Alto, California and they offer up to $2,800 in relocation and free transport to and from work

You can find the link for the Tesla Job Post here.

7.)  Microsoft – Up to $50/hr

Microsoft is a traditional software engineering internship have expired but there are plenty of research roles that Microsoft provides. This is slightly different work than the normal internship and this experience might not translate over to many careers, but you will be working with Computer Vision & Deep Learning.
Microsoft’s benefits are listed very clearly for internships which include: a $7000 housing lump sum, access to the Microsoft campus, Health Club, Medical, Relocation assistance, Visa Benefits, and so much more.
You can find the link for the Microsoft Job Post here

8.)   Apple – $58/hr

Apple is another tech giant in Silicon Valley. Apple is a tech company that offers amazing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning internship opportunities. The interns will work directly with R&D teams in various areas, including Siri, Platform Technology, Research, Data, and Program Management. The interns will be able to learn without pressure, gain practical skills, develop a greater understanding of the industry, and build valuable connections. The company is committed to equal opportunity, inclusion, and diversity and offers reasonable accommodation to applicants with physical and mental disabilities.

The only Apple benefits listed are relocation and Overtime pay is $64.50.

You can find the link for the Apple Job Post here

9.) Snap – $70/hr

Snap is located in Los Angles, CA, and it’s one of the most popular apps ever! Snap Inc is a technology company that empowers people to express themselves through visual messaging, augmented reality, and immersive camera experiences. As an AR Engineering Intern, you will work with the Augmented Reality team in Santa Monica, CA, to design and develop new interactive experiences centered around the camera and the tools to build them. The ideal candidate should have programming and coding skills, digital content creation tools proficiency, and exceptional communication and collaboration abilities. Snap Inc is committed to diversity and equal opportunity employment, offering benefits such as paid parental leave, comprehensive medical coverage, mental health support, and compensation packages that allow you to share in Snap’s long-term success.

Snap’s benefits include $2,500 / mo in housing, Free Food, medical and dental.

You can find the link for the Snap Job Post here

10.) Amazon – $70/hr

Amazon offers US internships for Software Development Engineer (SDE) and Amazon Propel Program (APP). The internships are full-time positions and last either during summer (May/June) or fall (August/September). Applicants must have at least one quarter/semester/trimester left in their studies after the internship concludes. During the internship, interns are matched to a manager and mentor who will guide them on customer-focused projects. In addition, they will have opportunities for personal and professional development and networking with other Amazonians. The locations of internships are subject to change, and applicants will be considered for all locations. The basic qualifications include being enrolled in an Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. program in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, or majors relating to these fields, with an expected graduation date between 10/2023 – 9/2026.

Amazon offers $2,425 / mo and relocation

You can find the link for the Amazon Job Post here

Top Paying Fintech Internships

Fintech is an innovative and rapidly growing industry that combines finance and technology to improve financial services and products. Working in this industry can offer exciting opportunities to contribute to cutting-edge solutions and advancements changing how people manage their finances. Not only is this field a lucrative career path, but it also has fun projects to work on. As fintech companies continue to emerge, there is a high demand for skilled professionals who can help drive innovation and growth. Moreover, the industry is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years, providing promising prospects for career advancement and personal development.

11.) Capital One – $69/hr

Capital One is a financial services company based in the United States of America. They are currently offering a full-time paid Data Science Internship program for ten weeks during the summer of 2023, with the possibility of a full-time position following completion of the program. The ideal candidate should have a Ph.D. or be in the process of obtaining one, with at least six months of experience in open-source programming languages for data analysis. The role requires integrating internal data with external sources, designing and creating data science models, and communicating solutions to customers and company leadership. The company offers comprehensive health, financial, and other benefits for full-time and part-time employees, with varying eligibility based on status and management level.

Capital One provides corporate housing.

You can find the link for the Capital Job Post here

12.) Expensify – $65/hr

Expensify is a tool that automates expenses and receipts. With lots of investor funding and a growing customer base, Expensify is becoming one of the hottest Fintech companies on the market. Their internship program is located in San Francisco, CA but has locations for future opportunities all over us.

Expensify hires undergraduate sophomores and up and provides the following benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, $20 for all-day meals, and a $3,000 apple laptop stipend!

You can find the link for the Expensify Job Post here

13.) Schonfeld – $80/hr + $20,000 Sign-On

Schonfeld is another one of the quantum trading firms where that manage their own or investors’ capital. But the difference here is Schonfeld needs support because they provide a trading platform product that needs regular engineers.

The CS internship that I found below is in Miami, FL which could be a new look at the tech industry by going to this growing city. Schonfeld is only listed to have a $20000 sign-on bonus in their benefits.

You can find the link for the Schonfeld Job Post here

14.) Chime – $58.50/hr

Chime provides banking services to less technology-focused banks! They are not a bank and more of a Financial Tech company. The company intern position is in San Francisco, CA, and provides $7,000 in housing.

You can find the link for the Chime Job Post here

Underrated Internship Programs

15.) Ripple – $55/hr

Ripple’s Internship is the only blockchain developer on this list and I made sure to include it just in case you have a blockchain project or experience! The job is located in Toronto, Canada, and New York City and provides you with $7,000 for housing

16.) Rivian – $51/hr

Rivian is an electric motor vehicle company that primarily makes trucks! I know Rivain quite well because they build a gigafactory in my hometown and provided excellent jobs. The Internship descriptions provide the following areas you can work in
  • Embedded systems and firmware related to all our in-vehicle technologies (infotainment systems, connectivity, etc.)
  • Digital platforms related to e-commerce and services.
  • Mobile development
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Security
  • DevOps & Automation… and more.

Rivian provides $2,500 in housing and free transportation.

You can find the link for the Rivian Job Post here

17.) Samsung – $39/hr

Samsung is a company seeking innovators to build a better world through cutting-edge technology. The eCommerce engineering team offers an opportunity to work on a globally-scaled platform and gain expertise in a wide range of technologies. The role involves developing and improving reliable and scalable software systems and collaborating with various teams. The benefits include exposure to challenging work in a dynamic culture and the opportunity to work with some of the best talents in the industry.

They offer $1,500 for housing and $2,500 for relocation

You can find the link for the Samsung Job Post here

18.) Raytheon Technologies – $35/hr

Applied Signal Technology (AST) is seeking software engineering interns to work onsite at their San Jose, CA location. The company provides trusted strategic and tactical SIGINT solutions to protect the interests of the U.S. and its partners. The ideal candidate should be a college junior, a senior or a graduate student with experience in C, C++, Java, or Python, and a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. AST offers generous compensation, broad career development opportunities, excellent health care options, parental leave, flexible work schedules, and a 401(k) plan with matching.

I currently work here and I can get you a referral! Add me on LinkedIn and shoot me a message! They have excellent benefits and provide $3,500 in relocation

You can find the link for the Raytheon Job Post here

19.) Chewy – $51/hr

Chewy is an e-commerce platform for pet food and pet-related products that utilize various software engineering techniques and technologies. They offer many Internships, but I believe the one I provide down below is the best!

Chewy is a company seeking a motivated Data Analyst Intern to join their team in Boston, MA, or Plantation, FL. The role involves partnering with cross-functional teams to develop solutions that provide business insights, investigate data questions and proactively monitor customer behavior to identify trends. Qualified rising seniors currently enrolled full-time in an accredited bachelor’s degree program with strong technical skills and a passion for data analysis are encouraged to apply.


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